SVM-related websites


www.svm-tutorial.com LIBSVM
svms.org SVMlight


Christopher Burges A Tutorial on Support Vector Machines for Pattern Recognition 1998
Alex Smola, Bernhard Schölkopf A Tutorial on Support Vector Regression 2003
Pai-Hsuen Chen, Chih-Jen Lin, Bernhard Schölkopf A Tutorial on 𝜈-Support Vector Machines 2003
Asa Ben-Hur, Jason Weston A User's Guide to Support Vector Machines 2008
Tristan Fletcher Support Vector Machines Explained 2009
Vikramaditya Jakkula Tutorial on Support Vector Machine (SVM)2010
Zoya Gavrilov SVM Tutorial 2012
Chris McCormick SVM Tutorial2013
Hwanjo Yu, Sungchul KimSVM Tutorial: Classification, Regression, and Ranking 2010
Andrew Ng Support Vector Machines 2015


Nello Cristianini Support Vector and Kernel Machines 2001
Robert Berwick An Idiot's guide to Support vector machines (SVMs) 2003
Andrew Moore Support Vector Machines 2003
Shih-Hung Wu Support Vector Machine Tutorial 2005
Jason Weston Support Vector Machine (and Statistical Learning Theory) Tutorial 2006
Alexander Statnikov, Douglas Hardin, Isabelle Guyon, Constantin Aliferis A Gentle Introduction to Support Vector Machines in Biomedicine2009
Martin Law A Simple Introduction to Support Vector Machines 2011
Andrew Zisserman The SVM Classifier2015


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